Machine specifications


The Brokk 50 is the smallest model in the Brokk family. So tiny and light that it gets into places where it was previously impossible to bring demolition equipment. Once in position, the 50 is impressively powerful and capable of getting lots of different jobs done safely and efficiently. Four outriggers help create a wider footprint for exceptional stability wherever you take it.

BROKK 60 II (Upgraded)

THE BROKK 60II is the perfect solution for safe and effective demolition in confined spaces. It is the smallest model in the Brokk family – actually the smallest remote-controlled demolition machine in the world – yet at least 7-8 times as effective as handheld equipment. And the Brokk 60II does not get tired. This combination of power, size and light weight works wonders in places where it previously was impossible to carry out mechanized demolition work. Compared to its’ older brother – Brokk 50 – the Brokk 60II boosts productivity with 25 percent.


Brokk 100 is the successor of one of our most sold demolition machines ever. And what an upgrade! This next generation Brokk offers 35 percent more hitting power, a more energy-effective engine, reduced weight and transport height, but with the same jaw-dropping versatility for demolition in restricted spaces. Well, actually even the versatility is improved.
In a confined space, size really does matter. The aim is to provide as much power and versatility as possible at the site, and the new Brokk 100 excels at this.


Don’t let the size fool you. The Brokk 160 is a giant leap forward when it comes to small size and impressive strength. This lightweight, remote-controlled demolition machine and its power-packed electric motor, hits frighteningly hard (over 406 joules at the tip). As with our complete line of remote demolition machines, safety is the first design priority. The Brokk 160’s state-of-the-art digital remote control takes the danger out of demolition by allowing you to control the unit from a safe distance with incredible accuracy.


This compact, all-around machine has remarkable hitting power and stability, making it suitable for all types of construction demolition and a wide variety of uses in the cement, process and nuclear industries. Small size and great strength combine to make the Brokk 180 the ultimate demolition tool. Despite its low weight, it can accommodate a breaker with the hitting power of 406 joules.


Year after year this is one of our most wanted demolition machine models, built to cope with the ever-increasing demands of the demolition industry. Since its original development in the mid 1970’s, the Brokk 260 has an unmatched track record as the ideal all-around demolition machine. A powerful combination of reliable technology and continuous improvement from the basis of its worldwide reputation.


The Brokk 400 offer a high production capacity along with mobility and versatility. As with all Brokks, it has unsurpassed capacity for its size and weight. With a reach of almost 7 meters (23.1 feet) and a full 360-degree turning radius, the Brokk 400 provides excellent access to the work area without the need for time-consuming repositioning.