Frequently Asked Questions

What power is required to run machines?

3 phase power 32 AMP for machines up to Brokk 180 and 63 AMP for machines larger then Brokk 180.

Are the Brokk machines value for money compared to excavators?

A 4.5 tonne excavator on pass history is more than 5 times slower than a Brokk 400 of equivalent weight.

How many cubic meters on average can be hammered per hour?

As guide the Brokk 160 can normally hammer approximately 1 cubic meter of heavily reinforced concrete per hour. The Brokk 400 can hammer approximately 4 cubic meters per hour.

Can we use our people to operate the machines?

Yes, as long as they have undertaken the formal Brokk training or they have been deemed competent by one of our Operators.

Do you travel nationally and internationally?

Yes, we have machines located all over Australia, and can transport our Brokk machines to other countries.

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