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Brokk Hire Australia’s branch is located in Brisbane, with a wide range of Brokk Demolition Robots strategically placed throughout the country in order to minimise transportation costs and downtime for our clients.

We own approximately 26 Brokk Demolition Robots, ranging from the small Brokk 50, up to the hard-hitting Brokk 400. We are continually expanding our fleet, and ensuring our range of machines and attachments are consistently updated.

These capable Demolition Robots deliver impressive power and versatility by using remote control demolition and the latest technology. The Brokk Demolition Robots are ideal for working within confined spaces where toxic fumes, point loading, noise and access pose a challenge.

The machines’ versatility allows for a number of attachments to be used, ranging from buckets, percussive breakers, rock drills, hydraulic crushing jaws and concrete grinding heads.

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