Brokk Hire Australia

Brokk Hire Australia’s branch is located in Brisbane, with a wide range of Brokk Demolition Robots strategically placed throughout the country in order to minimise transportation costs and downtime for our clients.

We own approximately 26 Brokk Demolition Robots, ranging from the small Brokk 50, up to the hard-hitting Brokk 400. We are continually expanding our fleet, and ensuring our range of machines and attachments are consistently updated.

Our Demolition Robots are compact, all-round machines that have remarkable hitting power and stability, making them suitable for all types of light to heavy duty work. Their small size and great strength combine to make the ultimate demolition machine.

The Demolition Robots are designed to go practically anywhere, including access through most doorways. Demolition Robots are available with a wide range of attachments, including crushing jaws, hammer and bucket.

Our operators are fully trained and ticketed in the use of Demolition Robots, and are available for your next project if you require.


Brokk has been the leading manufacturer of remote controlled demolition machines for over 35 years, constantly improving designs to meet your needs.

No matter the scale of the demolition project, there is always a Brokk Robot that can help finish the job quicker and safer, whilst being competitively priced.

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